Ruth Budram

Belizean Graphite and Charcoal Artist

Hello! I’m Ruth Budram…

a Belizean graphite and charcoal artist. From the age of four, I’ve love drawing and it has been my lifelong passion.

My art is a journey into the world of black and white. It’s my hope that people see the beauty and nostalgia in my world. I see my work as a means to capture people, animals, experiences, and historical scenery, on paper with pencil, & charcoal.

In addition to the aesthetics of the pieces, my intention is to preserve culture, history, and cherished memories. I aim to be a storyteller through my art. It’s about capturing the essence of creation and cultural heritage; ensuring that these treasures endure for generations to come.

My purpose is rooted in the belief that history, people, and their ways of life hold immeasurable value. Through my art, I aim to shine a light on these aspects of our existence, cherishing them and making them timeless.

I invite you to witness my journey into history and culture as I seek to translate the significance of our shared heritage onto paper, one stroke at a time.